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Traditionally, at the end of an edition, the artist will deface the block that made the print, assuring that it may no longer be used.

Since the act of carving the block is so important to me, and since there are so many ways now that a print can be reproduced, I decided not to destroy my blocks. Instead, I think that there is educational value in preserving the block and showing it with the print. For the past several years I have matted and framed some of my linoleum blocks with the last print in the edition. I also sometimes mount the block with the last piece in the edition and an unpainted copy of the print. This shows more clearly the three basic stages of the making of my prints...the carved block, the black and white printed image, and the finished hand painted image. The framed work here under Prints with Blocks - Current Collection are just such pieces.

The work will be in either a horizontal (H) format...the print and block are side by side, or a vertical (V) format...with the print usually mounted above the block (as illustrated). The pieces with three openings as described in the previous paragraph will usually have the block mounted on the left in the horizontal format, or bottom in the vertical layout. They will be designated H-3 or V-3.

This work is matted in black core Spice Ivory, and framed with a narrow profile, matte black, metal frame.

The linoleum available from my supplier varies in color and quality. The blocks will range in various shades of gray and brown.

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